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Jeff Frohwein's GameBoy Tech Page

32mbit C3 Mods

Here is a list of the mods necessary to convert a GBC cart into a 32mbit C3 cart.

MBC5 Cart modified for Rumble support

No value is given for the transistor because this depends on the motor you use & how much current the MBC5 pin can supply. Both of which I have no idea.

MBC5 pinouts

Here are the pinouts for the MBC5 memory bank controller.

Warioland II modification

Here are the modifications needed to the MBC3 cart to get the Real Time Clock (RTC) function working. In order to use the clock functions, though, you have to replace the ROM with your own flash ROM and your own custom-written code.

C3 mod for GB Camera support

Here's a photo of the solder side of the C3 programmer. The white wire shown is required to access the RAM & ROM of the GB Camera to allow transferring photos to a PC. No pc board trace cuts are required. No functionality is lost by making this modification.

PCB Layout Files (Gerber format) - PCB Layout Files (Postscript format)

Here are the Gerber files I used to have the C3 PC board produced. These are the only layout files that I have. In order to view/print them you need a program such as Advanced PCB by Protelor similar. Also included are the files in Postscript format thanks to Patrik Carlsson.

C3 Mods, 12-Jan-98

Here is a list of the mods necessary to convert a regular cart into a C3 cart.

Jeff's Modified GB Cart Collection

Here is a list of modified carts that I use and their attributes.

C3 V1.1 Software & C Source

Resets MBC1 registers to default. Should now provide possibly more reliable programming for 3-in-1 carts.

Lars Malmborg's Amiga Page

Lars has recently adapted a C3 programmer for use on an Amiga. He has also ported GBDK to run on the Amiga as well !

SGB Hardware Description

The basics of SGB hardware layout.

C3 Multicart Menu V1.0 & Composite Generator V1.0

Here is a program to take several .GB files and generate a composite rom image that can be loaded in a C3 cart that has been modified for 3-in-1 multicart capability. Also included is a very plain menu program for selecting a rom image to execute.

3-in-1 Multicart C3 Mods - Theory - Schematic

Here's the theory and a schematic for converting the C3 cart to a 3-in-1 multicart!

C3 Pics - Cart & programmer - Zoom of programmer

Here are pics of the C3 programmer in both black & clear.

C3 Cart Mods

Here's a picture of the mods needed to convert a cart to a C3 cart. ANY cart with MBC1+RAM+BATTERY is compatible for this conversion.

C3 Programmer Schematic

Speaks for itself. ( Not literally! : )


Here are the FAQs for C3.

C3 Guts

Here is what the inside of my flash carts look like.

GB Parts for sale

Here are a few parts for sale that may be helpful for GB hardware projects.

GB Game ROM sizes & MBC types

This is designed to be a master list of the hardware each GB game cart contains.

GB Color Game ROM sizes & MBC types

This is designed to be a master list of the hardware each GBC game cart contains.

Donkey Kong Table 27-Jun-97

Here are the first 32k bytes of the Donkey Kong rom & the GBDis table to disassemble it. This is an on going exercise to try to understand Super GameBoy (SGB) specific routines. To use, download GBDis V1.3 and type 'gbdis dk' to generate a 1MByte semi-source file.

VGB for DOS, the final episode?

Here's the latest version of VGB for DOS.

Tetris Table 8-Jun-96

This is a table for controlling the disassembly of tetris for use with the GBDis V1.3 disassembler or later. This table is to the point that the disassembled code now resembles the original source code minus the original comments. You can move routines around and it will still compile to a working game. Commenting the source code is laborious and is a slow process. NOTE: You must already have the game tetris for GB on disk in order to use this file.

GameBoy Cartridge Information

Cartridge information on ROM-only & ROM/RAM cartridges. Provided courtesy of Pascal Felber.

Super Smart Card Software

Here is the latest software for the Super Smart Card. Even though it's no longer available, there still seems to be those that don't have the software.

Power-On Title Screen Format

Here is the Picture-to-Data IBM-PC .EXE file (6.7k). This is the Pascal Source (4.2k).