GB Basic FAQs

What is GB Basic?

 GB Basic is a floating-point BASIC interpreter for GameBoy. It allows

you to write BASIC programs up to 7.4K bytes in length and save them in

battery backed RAM.

What's it useful for?

 If you are interested in robotics or electronics projects, then it

could be very useful in controlling an application. It contains a

built-in command for controlling up to 8 servo motors along with

other useful commands.

How do you program it?

 1. Programs can be entered from the built-in controls.

    (Even though this is painfully slow.)

 2. You can program it from your IBM-PC keyboard using the

    GB-to-Parallel Port cable and running GB Terminal for DOS.

 3. You can download a text file from your IBM-PC using the

    GB-to-Parallel Port cable and running GB Terminal for DOS.

 4. You can use the GB tools on Micah Dowty's web page to

    transfer basic programs to the Super Smart Card ram.

    His web page is listed on my 'Other Sites' page.

 5. You can edit programs with Virtual GameBoy. The ".sav"

    file used by VGB saves basic programs when you use the

    SAVE command in GB Basic. The ".sav" file san be loaded

    into Super Smart Card ram with SMART.EXE.

 6. There is software support for a rewired Mac 512 Keyboard

    that's made from an unmodified Mac 512 keyboard.

What do I need to use GB Basic?

 You need a Super Smart Card that can be bought from National Console Support

that allows you to copy programs from your IBM-PC to a programmable

cartridge. Or you can buy a GameBoy cartridge such as Donkey Kong or

Metroid II that contains battery backed SRAM & and replace the rom

with an eprom of your own. A list of many cartridges that contain

battery backed SRAM can be found in the GameBoy FAQs. It will

also run on Virtual GameBoy.

Is it free?

GB Basic is distributed as shareware. Which means if you like it and

regularly use it send me $15US. Prolonged use without sending

anything is just plain unethical. (I've spent HOURS on this thing. 8)