Harry Mulder's Gameboy Development

That's me..

Name:Harry Mulder
From:The Netherlands (Holland)
Occupation:Project supervisor (Windows-based administrative programs)

Computers have come a long way since I started using them. The first one I used was a TI99/4A; comparing this one to the PC's currently on the market is downright silly.

All this power and space gives us enormous possibilities, but 'pushing the limits' as a hobby has become quite impossible; they have almost disappeared, making squeezing that last cycle out of a chip a full-time job. And even that joy of programming is becoming obsolete.

Next to that, due to the enormous variety of hardware, the "overhead" of making something cute for a PC is rising daily. It's just no fun making timer-routines or finding out your demo doesn't run on a VGA-card from manufacturer X.

Enter the Gameboy. Here we have a simple system, which is limited by design; this means that on one hand, it's comparably easy to make something nice (you don't need a truck-load of designers, movie-makers, musicians and CD-burners; the Gameboy simply can't deliver this power and everybody knows this), while on the other hand you have to do a lot of joyfull juggling with power and space to get everything it can deliver.

Add to this the active scene of un-official development and research on this little beast, and you've got the perfect platform for fooling around with hardware..

Copyright 1997, H. Mulder