I am sorry to say that further development for both GBTD and GBMB has been discontinued.

To accommodate current users of both programs, I have decided to release the source-code for both programs into the public domain. These can be found on this page.

You are free to use these sources for further development, both for personal, business and public aims; so yes, if you want to make enhancements, and then release those upgraded versions to the public, you have permission to do so.

Note that the 'standard' disclaimer for public domain applies; I can not be held responsible for any damage caused by these sources, in any way.

Reusing these sources will probably require intimate knowledge of Delphi, and can not be regarded as a task for novice users. Next to that, I will not be able to give help or support while doing this; if you want to try using these source, you are on your own.

As stated, you will need Delphi to compile this source. It was used under Delphi 3, but 4 or 5 will probably also be possible. The GBTD-Src and GBMB-Src files contain the specific source for the corresponding program. The GBCOMP-Src zip contains the packages used by both programs; you will need this file in either case.

GBTD-Src.zip: GBTD Source - 70K

GBMB-Src.zip: GBMB Source - 70K

GBCOMP-Src.zip: Package Source for both GBTD and GBMB - 370K