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2015-02-12 - Serial Communication (Link Cable) Tutorial - Posted by: Black Tiger
A tutorial that may help you if you want to add a 2 Players mode for your Game Boy game, it provides a relatively complete serial communication example with explanations.

2015-02-12 - Pictotile - Posted by: brisk
Convert PNG, GIF or JPEG spritesheets to gameboy-style code with this relatively powerful command-line program. Includes support for bigger sprites (e.g., each sprite being 2x2 GB sprites).

Builds for various OS's including Linux and Windows available (in snapshot folder).

Full usage detailed in README.

2014-10-15 - Gameboy MGB/CGB power cable USB - [PHOTO] - Posted by: luftek
Power your Gameboy Pocket/Color with USB cable of any USB source

2014-10-15 - Gameboy Classic DMG power adapter micro USB - [PHOTO] - Posted by: luftek
How to power your favourite Gameboy Classic (DMG)? Use micro usb to DMG power adapter and you can power of any USB host/supply.

2012-12-06 - Gameboy Tile Data Generator v1.0 - Posted by: Christopher Antonellis
Gameboy Tile Data Generator (GBTDG) is a HTML5 / JS web application that can convert bitmap images to hexidecimal data appropriate for use in tile based graphical applications, specifically Nintendo Gameboy (DMG) software.

2012-08-07 - Gameboy Development Forums (Updated for 2012!) - Posted by: SilentAero
This is a forum that I recently created so people could share information about Gameboy Development to help each other out (including me! ;P). It also includes Downloads for Helpful Tools for GB development that I managed to scrape off the internet before they were lost forever. So enjoy! And please help with this quickly growing site!

SilentAero (Jake)

2011-08-17 - GB Cart Flasher 1.3 for Mac OSX - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Bazz
Is none of the gbcflsh software working on your OSX installation? Well, I whipped this up on my station and finally I have a working gbcflsh on my OSX x64 Snow Leopard!! I hope my changes will work for you!! Soon I will have a video displaying all the functional glory :]

2010-11-07 - Gameboy Emulation in Javascript - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Full code for running a gameboy emulator in a web browser. Tutorials for each part of the gameboy hardware emulation are included.

2010-09-10 - Gameboy Development Blog - Posted by: Forest K.
This is my blog on GameBoy development. It's a work in progress, but I hope to include tutorials on assembly programming and hardware design, as well as information from websites that are no longer accessible.

2009-05-15 - BoumPower GB-PIC Project -> GB Cart Flasher - Rev 1.0 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: BoumPower
New design of "GB Cart Flasher" USB
Easy to build (no surface components). It use the FTDI MM232R chip.

2008-07-02 - Hello gameboy final event - Posted by: whyameye
This 2 minute video captures the final event where Wichita State University Engineering students showed off their GameBoy games at MindScapes in Wichita. It shows a few of the games and captures the spirit of the event. We'll do it again next year too.

2008-05-06 - Hello GameBoy! - Posted by: whyameye
Wichita State University assembly language course centered on the Game Boy as our programming platform. We built tutorials, source code libraries, and are now completing our games. Check out the tutorials section for tons of help with manipulating groups of sprites, handling random generation, etc. Check out the software section for our own source code libraries. Check out the blog for student projects.

2008-04-24 - GBCommunicator, GameBoy Wireless Image Communicator Network - Posted by: Sergio Ivan Lopes
This is the final course project (2003/2004), of Sergio Ivan Lopes and Fernando Ventura, two students of Electronics and telecommunications from the University of Aveiro in Portugal. The project goal was to develop an image communicator based on a wireless network. Gameboys were used as video consoles and the image aquisition system was based on the CMOS image Sensor of the GameBoy Camera. This link refer to full documentation on hardware and software development, final report included.

2008-03-08 - Game engine - Posted by: dani
Hello,i would inform are a new gbdev forum and we have a new project we would like share and more people can help us. It is about create a program for design gameboy/gbcolor game,using all sources freely on web.

2008-03-08 - PDRoms Coding Competition #3.99 - 24.01. - 02.03.2008 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Kojote
Hello everyone!

It’s time for a new coding competition powered by PDRoms - one of the supported systems are Gameboy and Gameboy Color, which might be related to this place ;)

All the detail information you need will be public on 24th January 2008 at the PDRoms webboard, in particular here:

All I can say for now… “4 colors are enough!” – Spread the word and join the challenge!

2007-06-03 - USB/RS-232 GB Programmer - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
GB Cart Flasher is a new cartridge reader and programmer for use with Gameboy consoles and was designed as cheap and easy to build alternative for existing devices. You can connect it to your PC via serial port (RS232) or USB.

2006-12-09 - BoumPower GB-PIC Project - [PHOTO] - Posted by: BoumPower
GB-PIC1© low-cost cartridge offer powerful ressources to programmers from novice to advenced.
The powerful low-cost symbiosis between Nintendo GameBoy® hardware & Microchip Pic16F877.
Provide I/O, Analog entries, PWM, I2C and more !

2006-08-17 - GameBoy based CD Player v1.0(updated link) - Posted by: Jordi
A GameBoy based CD Player with a CD-ROM ATAPI unit. Plug your GameBoy and your old CD ATAPI drive to the interface board and you will have a nice CD Player. Information page is in spanish.

2006-02-06 - GameBoy based CD Player v1.0 - Posted by: Jordi
A GameBoy based CD Player with a CD-ROM ATAPI unit. Plug your GameBoy and your old CD ATAPI drive to the interface board and you will have a nice CD Player. Information page is in spanish.

2006-02-01 - GBexx gameboy bus extender - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Jan Verhoeven
At the moment, a series of 125 printed circuit boards is being made for a bus extender and buffer board for the GameBoy series of microcomputers. <p> The boards will have the usual 32 etched fingers for mating with the Gameboy busconnector. On the other side is a 34 pin boxed header. In between are 74HC245 bus buffers for buffering data and address buffers. <p> The next project is a GBmain board that has its own MBC, Flash ROM and I/O ports.

2006-01-31 - Artworks for gameboy - [PHOTO] - Posted by: j. schrier
Four artworks for gameboy classic: I Ching; Rosary; Stations of the Cross; Chairman Mao's Little Red Book. Also a very simple ROM-only PCB design.

2005-06-22 - PDRC #3.33 - Started GB/C accepted - Posted by: Kojote
To celebrate Kojote's first quarter century of life on 20th June 2005, here is another competition. PD Roms Coding Competition #3.33. The compo will start on the 20th June 2005 @ 00:00 GMT +2 and will end 25 days later on the 14th July 2005 @ 23:59 GMT +2.

2005-06-18 - Minigame competition - Posted by: RoboNes
This years minigame competition is running, and is open to all 8,16 and 32bit machines and ends on the end of september, visit site for more details

2005-05-18 - Original GameBoy Bootstrap Finally Extracted! - Posted by: DuoDreamer
Being that we haven't been able to extract the DMG bootstrap in the entire history of the dev scene, this is a very exciting announcement.

2005-05-11 - 2-Bit Epic - An Epic filmed with a GameBoy Camera - Posted by: DuoDreamer
Hasn't been much in the way of news on here lately, so here is something odd and new, an "Epic" filmed with a GameBoy Camera, or something like that. Just go see. =)

2005-01-12 - GameBoy Hardware development board Rev 1.0 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: FarhadA.
Hi, This is the first version of a small GB cart for those who want to use GB for HW development and controll. The first version has a socket for PLCC32 type memory of up to 4megabits and a 25 pin connector.

The board has a Xilinx CPLD (XC9572-PQ100) and 16 general purpose digital IO.

The second version will have 1megabit of SRAM in addition to the Flash memory and make it possible to program the Flash via GB or PC paralell port.

2004-11-15 - OS WorkMaster - new URL! - Posted by: Nik
New url -

2004-10-22 - Gameboy Worldmap - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Johnny13
JOHNNY13.NET released a new pdrom: move the cursor on the (roughly) location of the continents to display their name, tested on a Real GBC, wla src.

2004-08-30 - Gameboy Optimization Tricks - Posted by: Johan Kotlinski
Some of my best optimization tricks figured out during years of Game Boy programming. Bonus: An extremely speed-optimized routine for updating waveram.

2004-08-22 - WLA DX v9.2 - Yet Another GB-Z80/Z80/6502/6510/65816/SPC-700 Multi Platform Cross Assembler Package - Posted by: Ville Helin
This release fixes a big code section related bug in 9.1, and one small preprocessor bug, and brings makefile dependency creation, and support for h-suffix for hexadecimal values. All v9.1 users should upgrade.

2004-06-26 - WLA DX v9.1 - Yet Another GB-Z80/Z80/6502/6510/65816/SPC-700 Multi Platform Cross Assembler Package - Posted by: Ville Helin
V9.1 brings lots of new features, and all WLA users should really upgrade! Check out the homepage for the complete list of changes and new additions.

2004-06-17 - PDR Coding Competition 2.5 - Posted by: Kojote
Another Coding Competition organized by PDRoms. Your goal is to greate a "Game & Watch" style game, in fact a LCD style game, with leading intro! (An intro contains (scroll)text and a (moving) logo. Deadline is Sunday, 4th July, 2004 at 23:59 GMT +1. 1st prize is a NGPC with 7 games. Allowed systems are: <b>Gameboy Classic, Gameboy Color</b>, Gameboy Advance, GP32, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color, NES & Dreamcast!

2004-03-28 - LSDJ-MC2 V1.0.2b - Posted by: firestARTer
A new Midi-Interface for the LittleSoundDJ / LSDJ and Nanoloop. It makes your LSDJ-Cartridge full Midi-Capable including Midi-Sync and playing notes. It's released as a 'Do It Yourself' kit.

2004-01-09 - PDRoms Coding Competition 2 (8th Jan - 8th Feb) - Posted by: Kojote
PDRC #2 has started. Goal is to write a LLamatron style game. Click on the headline for the rules page. Allowed systems are GB,GBC,GBA,GP32,NGP,NGPC and Dreamcast. 1st prize is a NGPC including 7 games.

2004-01-04 - Lord_Nightmare's GB Sound Doc Updated - Posted by: DuoDreamer
Lord_Nightmare has updated his comprehensive and very detailed document of the GameBoy sound hardware, with a local copy here on because his ISP went Chapter 11. Oops.

2004-01-01 - MBC Tester V1.0 - Posted by: HyperHacker
Just something I threw together for all you hardware hackers. It tests memory bank controller (MBC) chips to make sure all ROM banks are accessible. It's designed for MBC3 so you might have to make some changes to the source code (included). Written entirely in GBZ80 ASM, designed for tniASM V0.3.

2003-12-08 - Galaxia & Rescue sources online. - Posted by: Tomasz Slanina
Full asm source code of two Mini Game Compo 2002 entries (1024 bytes size limit) are now available for download. As well as my old (1999) gb disassembler Titan (recompiled and bugfixed).

2003-11-23 - WLA DX v9.0 - Yet Another GB-Z80/Z80/6502/6510/65816/SPC-700 Multi Platform Cross Assembler Package - Posted by: Ville Helin
V9.0 brings many small bugfixes and better behaviour when dealing with floating points. As always, please check the homepage for a complete list of changes (also take a look at the README to see the changes in the linker).

2003-11-19 - GBDSO. - Posted by: John McCommons
GameBoy Digital Sampling O'scope is available again. See the Elektor Electronics home page! Current price is 90 pounds (~$150 USD). I don't have any relationship to EE, just passing along the info!

2003-09-01 - PDROMs Coding Competition - Posted by: Kojote
The first PDROMs Coding Competition started. Please read the rules by clicking on the Title. Each decent GB/C submission is allready a winner... so read the rules ;)

2003-07-16 - GameBoy Tile Extractor - Posted by: Sangui
This program extracts tile patterns from gameboy rom files, and displays them as a tilemap with customable dimensions. Because rom files do not only contain tile patterns, a lot of tool buttons enables to look for patterns into the whole file. The 4 colors ( as shades of gray) can also be changed. The image can be saved in a bitmap file.

2003-06-20 - Demo sourcecode released to public - Posted by: Dalton
The full sourcecode from the space waste demo by octarine has been released.

2003-06-12 - WLA DX v8.9 - Yet Another GB-Z80/Z80/6502/6510/65816/SPC-700 Multi Platform Cross Assembler Package - Posted by: Ville Helin
The biggest release in 8.x-branch, WLA DX has many new features and few essential bug fixes (so many that I don't want to list them here) for all users.

2003-04-23 - Makebook V4.5 (now with Hebrew) - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Pat Crowe
Makebook now has support for Hebrew with right to left text flow and combining glyphs for pointing.

2003-03-09 - K:concept - Posted by: Keldon Alleyne
Basically notes I wrote up about animation and in game engines. If you don't understand it, feel free to send some e-mails.

2003-03-07 - Wristwatch Gameboy? Maybe! - Posted by: Samuel Daline
If you look on the site of the watch company named Fossil ( they have a watch listed called a Wrist PDA with Palm OS!!! It has 160x160 resoloution, 16 tone grayscale with backlight, 2MB of RAM, 2MB of Flash memory. it also plays all palm os programs! I was wondering, could they port GB to Watch? It gives a new twist to the idea of old school nintendo Game & Watch! I already know that theres some emulators for Palm OS, but they probably wouldn't work because of the menus. Thanks

2003-02-12 - Online assembly running - Posted by: Keldon Alleyne
This is basically a tool to teach assembly language. It has an example set of instructions, and is basically used to teach the basics of assembly language. Requires IE :-)

2003-01-14 - GBCamC 1.0RC1 - Posted by: Vinicius Kursancew
GBCameraConvert is a program (4linux) that allows you to view and convert .sav files for the GB Camera. The Release Candidate 1 of gbcamc 1.0 fixes some bugs of 0.7 plus adds a GTK+ gui which allows preview and easy palette picking.

2003-01-04 - Tom Atom - Posted by: JuPiTeR
Tom Atom is our action RPG game. You can await six different weapons, tons of enemies including bosses, great graphics, dialogs with other characters and good time playing the game.

2002-12-30 - FGB Game Available - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Abe Pralle
Plasma Works has posted their unfinished GBC ROM entitled "FGB." It's an "action odyssey" that combines the feel of "Zelda" with "Gauntlet".

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