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2007-11-02 - Stereoscopic PIC 3D on Tomytronic - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Pyrofer
I made a full Stereo 3D graphics game using the PIC 18lf2620 and 2 128x160 LCDs mounted in a modded Tomytronic 3D Shark Attack game. The result looks amazing and gives full real 3D to the viewer.

2007-11-02 - DSPnano for dsPIC - a DSP RTOS - [PHOTO] - Posted by: RoweBits
DSPnano RTOS offers support for dsPIC and soon a broad set of microcontrollers. If you are looking at low cost projects involving DSP it is ideal for this purpose. It comes with Eclipse based development, complete I/O solutions and much more.

More details on various aspects of this solution can be found at:

What is a DSP RTOS?

Developing DSP for dsPIC

2007-06-01 - Boulderdash on 8pin Pic and Nokia 3310 LCD - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Pyrofer
I have started work on a boulderdash clone on the 8pin pic range. Using a simple Nokia 3310 LCD and a single PIC i have a character mapped game engine working. The power draw is so low it runs from a CR2032 for several days. The hardware is so simple almost anybody can build it.

2006-11-20 - New Game Console Development Course - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Josh
World's First Online Video Game Console Development Course offered at Game Institute

In addition to the course's online content, students receive over 100+ components, including items such as: pre-manufactured printed circuit board, microcontrollers, "The Black Art of Video Game Console Design", soldering iron, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, and much more!

2006-09-09 - 3D Solid filled Graphics on Pic Micro with Nokia LCD - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Pyrofer
After many weeks of development I finally have a working 3D graphics routine for the PIC micro. Full solid 3D with backface culling allow quite fast redraw. Control via a 3axis accelerometer allow translation of real world position to virtual object orientation.

2006-05-28 - 3D Monster Maze remake on a pic chip. - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Jim Bagley
Hi All, just to get some initial feedback on its looks, I've started to write a remake of 3D Monster Maze (Original was on the ZX81 in 1983 AFAIK) only this is not using a computer, but just a solitary pic chip + 2 resistors + phono for tv out, and wired up to an old sega master system joypad for input. it's only WIP but almost finished, look at this link for a WIP AVI

2006-03-13 - Free home controller project - Posted by: Peter
A small home controller based on PIC16F873A.You can program your appliances to operate automatically in conjunction with your weekly and daily schedule, manually turn them on/off from your PC or use the controller as a process ON/OFF controller to regulate some kind of physical variable to the desired value.

2005-08-31 - DeviceTools - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Dave Scop
Software Tools, Silicon, and Resources for the Connected Embedded Device Developers.

2005-06-09 - SX Video Module - Posted by: Terry Hitt
The SX-video module uses an SX28 processor clocked at 50MHz to receive serial data at 4800 baud and generate a 6x16 line display on a NTSC or PAL video monitor.

The project is "open-source" for non-commercial use. Schematic and source code is available from

2005-05-31 - GKOS Keyboard using a PIC 16F876 - Posted by: Seppo Tiainen
These pages contain information on how to build a GKOS chord keyboard including pointer control by using a PIC 16F876. The keyboard can be connected to a PC either by wire or via an infrared link.

2005-05-25 - One Chip Video Poker - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Sean Igo
A video poker game for the PIC 16F628 and a 20x4 character LCD display. Easy to build, fun to play!

2005-04-13 - SirPic Infra-Red Transceiver - Posted by: Ravi
The new InfraPIC interface supports half-duplex bi-directional infra-red communication between your Palm and PIC project. Download the free Interface guide with full construction details. Also, see it in action at the SirPic Developers Lab.

2005-03-27 - SirPic v2.0 Released - Posted by: Ravi
SirPic v2.0 now supports transmit and receive for IR + RS232 communications. Also supports the full IRDA stack for "IrComm", and "Framed" mode (for PDAs unable to support SIR due to hardware restrictions). Licensed users, request your FREE update!

2005-03-12 - BitStream v1.0 Released - Posted by: Ravi
BitStream is an embedded PIC application for a low cost, low bandwidth, 1-bit digital storage scope. Ideal for analyzing serial bitstream data. It offers: sampling rates up to 500kHz (2us sample period), a sample buffer of 160-40,000 bit samples, +/- edge triggering. The captured waveform can be displayed on a Palm PDA/PC/Laptop using a wireless or wired interface. Download the free construction/user guide from

2005-03-07 - SirPic v1.20 Released - Posted by: Ravi
Contains enhancements for Text mode options for handling CR/LF new line characters. Licensed users, request your free update!

2004-12-31 - SirPic v1.10 Released (+Lite version) - Posted by: Ravi
SirPic v1.10 now allows you to clear the buffer and screen, and sound bell, via control codes in Text Mode. A new "Interface Guide" PDF document is also available for download. Check out the new website.

2004-11-02 - SirPic v1.02 for Palm PDA - Posted by: Ravi
SirPic now supports PIC BASIC users with the new SIrTx interface. Allowing PIC developers to log data o their Palm PDA via infra red from a PIC producing a standard serial bit stream (as produced by SEROUT).

2004-10-16 - MultiPIC - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Marcelo Campos
Low cost PIC Development/Programmer Kit for PICs with 8, 18, 28 and 40pin with: LCD, keys, LEDs, trimpots for A/D experiments, and more...included power suply, CD with softwares, and serial cable .

2004-10-01 - Prog589 - Yet another parallel port PIC programmer - Posted by: Arkady Skorokhod
Prog589 is a parallel port development programmer for PIC microcontrollers. A Windows program (Prog589.exe), available for download, will control any DIY programmer hardware that meets Microchip's AN589 design logic (where the name of the program comes from, BTW). Schematics variant of the programmer circuit (the program was tested with) is available. The site contains some other PIC related stuff.

2004-08-24 - SirPic for the Palm PDA - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Ravi
SirPic enables PIC developers to use their Palm PDA as a wired or wireless (infra-red) display unit with their custom PIC project.

Visit for your free trial version, along with sample PIC projects, and see for yourself what benefits it has to offer your custom PIC project.

2004-06-06 - New microdev version released (0F1) - Posted by: Nicolas Colombain
This is a "maintenance" version fixing several serious bugs. Have a look to sourceforge bug reports for more details.

2004-05-21 - New microDev version available - Posted by: Colombain
A new version (0F) of microDev (simulator / editor) is now available. Here are the main new features: - PIC16F628 with all peripherals - Basic Asynchronous Temirnal - Frequence Meter - improved simulator core

2004-03-13 - PiKdev 0.6.3 available - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Alain Gibaud
PiKdev is an IDE running under Linux and KDE for the development of PIC-base application.
-A full featured multiview editor,
-A one-click interface with the gpasm GPL PIC assembler and gplink linker,
-A project manager with standard functionalities
-A programming engine for both serial or parallel programmers.

This version offers support for many new pic devices and new timings to cope with noisy programmers.

2004-02-26 - MicroDev sources now available - Posted by: Nicolas Colombain
MicroDev sources are now available from SourceForge under microDev project name Regards,

2004-02-06 - Microcontroller Performance Comparison - Posted by: Richard
Compare the performance of a PIC18 device with other microcontrollers. This site presents comparable performance results for PIC, AVR, x186 and Rabbit microcontrollers.

2004-02-04 - UDev, free simulator / editor dedicated to PIC devices - Posted by: Colombain
UDev is a free toolkit dedicated to Pic devices. This package is based on a graphical real time simulator and a complete editor (syntax highlighted, project management...)

2004-01-08 - PiKdev 0.6 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Alain Gibaud
PiKdev is a simple IDE for developing PIC micro applications under Linux and KDE (GPL). Features:

- Advanced multi-view editor with syntax highlighting
- Project management
- Absolute or relocatable code generation with gpasm assembler and gplink linker
- Wide range of devices supported (12, 14 and 16 bits)
- Integrated programming engine for parallel or serial port low-cost programmers (**new**)
- Many improvements since version 0.5

2004-01-03 - PC1 Encryption cipher with 128-bit keys - Posted by: alexander pukall
This site contains the source code for PC1 Encryption Cipher with 128-bit keys for a lot of PIC Microchip.

2003-12-17 - PiKdev 0.5 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Alain Gibaud
PiKdev is a simple IDE for developing PIC micro applications under Linux and KDE (GPL). Features:

- Advanced multi-view editor with syntax highlighting
- Project management
- Absolute or relocatable code generation with gpasm assembler and gplink linker
- Wide range of devices supported (12, 14 and 16 bits)
- Integrated programming engine for parallel port programmers (serial/USB programmers supported soon)
- GPL license (tarball or RPM packages).

2003-12-16 - FreeRTOS - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Richard
FreeRTOS now includes a PIC18 port. FreeRTOS is a portable, open source, mini Real Time Scheduler (or RTOS kernel). This site shows how a complete embedded solution can be created from a Windows host using quality open source or low cost software tools. Nearly all the code is written in C, with only a few assembler functions where completely unavoidable.

2003-12-14 - Floating point library for PIC micro controllers - Posted by: Mike Gore
Small size - all of it - and testing code fits inside 2K code!

32bit integer Multiply, Divide, Conversions to/from 8, 16, 24 and 32bit signed/unsigned values, 32bit. Floating Point (IEEE to/from 40bit temporary real) Load/Store, Add,Sub,Mul,Div, Increment, Decrement, Conversions (to/from 8, 16, 24, 32bit integers signed/unsigned), FTOA display, Poly, Sqrt, Sin, Cos, Tan, Asin, Acos, Atan, Log, Exp, Pow, Test (Zero/Nonzero), Split(Real,Integer), Floor, Ceil, LDEXP, FREXP, FMOD, INVERT(1/X)

2003-10-02 - XCSB servo library and demo - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Sergio Masci
This software will allow you to control upto 20 RC servos from a cheap 16F876 PIC.
The demo uses a 16x2 LCD and 3 push button switches to control 4 servos. One push button is used to select between servos while the other two push buttons are used to increase and decrease the position of the selected servo. This demo could easily be used to control a robotic arm. A little tinkering would allow record and playback on a PIC with more RAM (e.g. 16F88 or 16F876)

2003-07-08 - PIC Memory Mapper - Posted by: DIXON
This is a tiny tool than enables you to view graphically the usage of the PIC memory and what changes from one to other compilation. Red indicates changed words from the previous version, Blue indicates no change. Pink indicates something that has been removed and white is the free memory.

2003-06-07 - NE2000 and PIC 16F877 - Posted by: Jean pierre MANDON
Interfacing an NE2000 ISA Card and a PIC 16F877. The software is written with CC5X and for the moment ARP, ICMP and UDP are implemented. The purpose is to build an universal TCP/IP card with I2C and RS232 port for external application cards.

2003-05-21 - PICcom PIC Development tool - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Steven Willis
PICcom is a real time code development/debug tool. Using a single I/O pin data can be sent serially from the PIC to the PC and displayed in many formats using the PICcom interface.

2003-05-21 - UJDM Programmer - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Steven Willis
How to build a very simple PIC16F84 serial port programmer. The design requires no special PCB and is self powered.

2003-03-03 - PIC designing with CC5X - Posted by: Jean pierre MANDON
A lot of aplication around flah PIC's,CC5X and the Shane Tolmie bootloader. ( in French )

2003-03-01 - XCSB (structured PIC BASIC) - Posted by: Sergio Masci
Optimising compiler producing fast native PIC machine code. Supports 8, 16 and 32 bit integers and 32 bit floating point, RAM and code space pointers, arrays, user defined functions, early out logical operators, multitasking. LITE version is available free from non-commercial personal use.

2002-10-13 - Forth compiler for PIC 16f87x - Posted by: Samuel Tardieu
PicForth is a Forth compiler for the PIC 16f87x series. It is available as free software.

2002-09-27 - SX28 and SX20 chips on eBay - Posted by: Mark Wendman
SX28AC/DP and SX20AC/SS for sale at good prices on eBay. At eBay search for either scenix or ubicom and you will find what is available.

2002-08-21 - Pas2PIC pascal-like compiler (0.5b) - Posted by: Jano
A simple Pascal compiler for 14-bit PIC devices.

2002-02-07 - Feersum Technology's miSim DE - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
UPDATED April 26th: miSim DE is an IDE for microcontrollers featuring a simulator, syntax highlighting editor, assembler and disassembler. The simulator is flexible, allowing anyone to produce Plugins that simulate components wired to the microcontroller. Version 2.0 supports 12- and 14-bit Microchip devices, automatic online updates and CLI programmers. miSim is written in Java for portability (it even runs online) and is open source software.

2001-11-13 - PIC16F877 ethernet board - Posted by: Kim Olesen
PIC16F877 and Realtek RTL8019AS (or NE2000 NIC) combined to a small HTTP webserver with "file system" on 32Kb serial EEPROM. Userport's can be turned on/off and Analog indput's can be displayed in HTML.

2001-10-24 - Talking Electronics Pic Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Many interesting PIC projects along with kits for those that don't want to make their own PC boards.

2001-08-19 - GPASM for Windows/Linux - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
GPASM is a replacement for the Microchip (TM) MPASM assembler. It has recently been ported to Win32.

2001-08-17 - Use power line (& PIC16F627) for baud-rate generation - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
"You can find a low-frequency, stable clock source and use it to calibrate a baud-rate generator or event timer. One source of a low-frequency, stable clock is the line voltage. This voltage is a good source 50- or 60-Hz frequency that you can easily interface to the microcontroller's 16-bit timer. By counting CPU cycles for a half cycle of the external clock, you can determine the frequency of the microcontroller's internal RC oscillator and calibrate the baud rate."

2001-05-23 - 16F877 Altimeter - Posted by: Matthias Stehr
Altimeter based on 16F877 and a MPX4100 sensor. The altitude is calculated direct on the 16F877. Program is written in C.

2001-05-15 - GLiPIC - Posted by: Ron Diol
Graphic LCD to PIC interface for the KS0108 lcd controller and the T6963C controller. Written in MELabs' PICBasicPro. Schematic and code available for free, plus a binary to hex character utility to create fonts.

2001-04-03 - BubbleSoft Pocket Programmer - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The Pocket Programmer is a stand alone programmer that can program most of the PICmicro®MCU range of microprocessors: 12C6xx, 16Cxxx, 16Fxxx, 18Cxxx. It works from a single 18VDC supply or with 2 X 9 volt batteries. Combine this with 64K of on board EEPROM which can store upto 32 HEX files and you have a truely portable programmer.

2001-02-17 - CompactFlash to PIC interface - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Mark Samuels has interfaced a 16F877 to a CompactFlash Card. Here's an article he wrote about it for Circuit Cellar Online Magazine. Here's a US$129 Compact Flash Development Kit that he offers as well.

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