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Welcome to the Gameboy Map Builder !

With the Gameboy Map Builder ("GBMB"), you can make maps which you can incorporate in your own Gameboy productions.

Some of it's features are:

GBMB in different sizes.. GBMB gives you a large (1024 x 1024 tiles max) canvas on which you can draw tiles made by GBTD, which supports any tile size and color GBTD can handle. This can be used for map or level-design. Next to that, this canvas can easily be used for other purposes, like still pictures. Options like five levels of zooming and a fully resizable window help you with looking at your design in any way you want. Also, with build-in support for Gameboy Color-extensions like vertical/ horizontal flip and 768 tiles per tileset, GBC-development is a snap.

Using properties with GBMB.. GBMB let's you define your own properties, with which you can manage extra storage for each location of your map. GBMB will even keep track of default property values for each tile, making usage of properties a lot easier. These properties can be exported in a format and size of your own choosing.

Direct export to various formats.. GBMB exports directly to RGBDS Assembly-source, Objectfile ("RGB1"), GBDK C-source, TASM Assembly-source, ISAS Assembly-source, and flat binary. The form in which you want to export is fully definable. It even generates include and header files, which state not only the labels, but also general info about the exported data. Also, all settings you make are saved for each individual map, so you don't have to remember which settings are appropriate for which map.

GBMB is Freeware !

The Gameboy Map Builder is Freeware; you are allowed to use it in any way you want, without paying me anything. You are also allowed (and encouraged) to distribute this software, as long as you don't receive any payment for it. If you want to link your home page to GBMB, be sure to link it to this site, not directly to the downloadable file, as updates will receive different filenames. Keep in mind that you use this software at your own risk; any damage which might occur, in whatever form, is your own responsibility.


GBMB operates under Windows 95, 98 and NT4. GBMB does not have to be installed; simply download and unzip the package below and start GBMB.EXE. Keep all the accompanied files in the same directory, and associate .GBM-files to GBMB for maximum enjoyment. Check out the included README.TXT for more info. Remember that GBMB only works with tilesets made by GBTD, so if you don't have it already, make sure to download it also from this site.


GBMB18.ZIP: Gameboy Map Builder v1.8 - 260K

Delphi 3 source is now available for GBMB.


Version Date Changes Reported by
1.8 2 October 1999 NEW! each location can have its own palette
Fix: 'Copy as Bitmap' works for SGB colorsets
Note: Copy/paste format changed due to location-palettes

1.7 28 August 1999 NO$GMB Filter is now optional (under "Color set")
Added various hotkeys
Fix: C-export corrected when splitting data
Fixed usage of relative paths for GBR-files:
-Killed off AVs
-Auto Update now works for them
-Some other minor glitches
Dark Fader
Landon Gentry

Arjen Bokhoven

1.6 13 August 1999 'Win9X cleanup':
Fix: Copy/Paste finally works
Fix: Much less system drag
Fix: Saved tilesets now directly updated
Note that I use NT4 myself, so if you see technical
problems on the Win9X-platform, mail me. I will try
to handle these problems more swiftly in the future.

Ian McIntosh

1.5 8 August 1999 NO$GMB GBC color filter (thanks to Martin)
Fix: #512> tiles are saved correctly
Fix: Only last Paste is Undone
Jeremy Evers
Mathijs de Jonge
1.4 13 June 1999 Fix: Copy as Bitmap works again
Fix: large Pastes are undone correctly
Jeremy Evers
Mathijs de Jonge
1.3 24 May 1999 Auto update! (see HLP for info)
768 tile-support
Fix: Ver/Hor flip are shown correctly
Tile Copy/Paste tweaked
MouseWheel support


1.2 21 March 1999 Export: Tile offset added
Block Fill: new patterns added
Relative filepath support (Export, Tileset)
Cleaned up Clipboard:
- Tile Paste bug fixed
- Property Copy bug fixed
- V & H-Flip are now copied
- Format changed; see HLP
Jeremy Evers
Dark Fader


1.1 23 January 1999 New: ISAS export-format
New: Bank constant generated in export
Fix: Possible AV when opening tilefiles
Fix: GUI-settings not always saved
Fix: GBDK format error
Fix: Zoom wrong in new file

1.0 17 January 1999 Larger maps (1024 x 1024)
More properties (32)
Less memory usage (new mem-handling)
Build-in vert/hor flip for GBC
More predefined export properties
New info-panel
Export: 'Split' for 16K maps
512 tiles support

NOTE: As of version 1.0, a new file-format is used. Download
GBMB Converter to convert older files to the new format.
0.9 29 November 1998 Gameboy Color support
0.8 30 August 1998 New feature: Property colors
New feature: Copy as bitmap

0.7 22 August 1998 Fixed SGB/GB palette behaviour
New drawtool: Dropper
New zoom: 25%
Faster screen-draws
Fixed: Maximized forms saved incorrectly

Brett Bibby
Brett Bibby

0.6 27 July 1998 Super Gameboy support
New Export-setting: Map layout
Fixed 0.5 plane export-output

Neil Roberts
0.5 5 June 1998 New: Block selection
NOTE: The following functions have changed due to
Block selection; see HLP for new behaviour.
- Mouse buttons (!!)
- Block Fill
- Info Panel
Cut/Copy/Paste implemented.
Selection-visibility increased.
Space bar fills current selection with selected tile.

0.4 22 May 1998 New feature: Grid.
New feature: Double markers.
Undo for Insert/Delete Row/Column.
Undo less sensitive.
Scrollbars move a page.
Cleaner GUI when loading.
Fixed: Some settings were not saved.

Jeff Frohwein

0.3 17 May 1998 Tileset automatically reloaded when changed.
(Partial) Undo implemented.
New feature: Block fill.
Cleaned up GBDK C export.

Luc van der Borre
0.2 2 May 1998 Faster screen-updates.
Infopanel-input friendlier.
'Clear map' added.
'Color set' added.
[Ctrl]-cursorkeys move the map.
Defaults can be set in GBMB.INI.
Bug fix: Export filename not always shown correctly.
Bug fix: RGBDS Obj could not export to bank 0.
Bug fix: Didn't use tileset palette.
Various GUI tweaks.

Luc van der Borre

0.1 25 April 1998 Initial release

Copyright 1999, H. Mulder.