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What's New?

2005-06-22 - PDRC #3.33 - GP32 entries accepted - Posted by: Kojote
To celebrate Kojote's first quarter century of life on 20th June 2005, here is another competition. PD Roms Coding Competition #3.33. The compo will start on the 20th June 2005 @ 00:00 GMT +2 and will end 25 days later on the 14th July 2005 @ 23:59 GMT +2.

2004-06-17 - PDRoms Coding Competition 2.5 - Posted by: Kojote
Another Coding Competition organized by PDRoms: Your goal is to greate a "Game & Watch" style game, in fact a LCD style game, with leading intro! (An intro contains (scroll)text and a (moving) logo. Deadline is Sunday, 4th July, 2004 at 23:59 GMT +1. 1st prize is a NGPC with 7 games. Allowed systems are: Gameboy Classic, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, <b>GP32</b>, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color, NES & Dreamcast!

2004-01-09 - PDRoms Coding Competition 2 (8th Jan - 8th Feb) - Posted by: Kojote
PDRC #2 has started. Goal is to write a LLamatron style game. Click on the headline for the rules page. Allowed systems are GB,GBC,GBA,GP32,NGP,NGPC and Dreamcast. 1st prize is a NGPC including 7 games.

2003-12-21 - StarDust v1.0 ALPHA - Posted by: Kos
A space shooter complete with sources.

2003-11-14 - SIEmu-gp32 1.03 (file extension fix) - Posted by: Kevin Sangeelee
SIEMu the 8080a (sim|em)ulator has been ported to the GP32. This initial version is hardcoded to play Space Invaders, but the codebase will support Invaders Revenge and Space Attack for anyone who wants to recompile it.

Full speed, clean colour display, and sampled sound. Source incuded (GPL).

Now fixed to also support 3 char extensions for your rom files (rename, appending 'xx' to each).

2003-11-03 - New Wind-ups available (v0.99) - [PHOTO] - Posted by: karthur
New Wind-ups available (v0.99)

2003-09-01 - PDROMs Coding Competition - Posted by: Kojote
PDROMs Coding Competition I started. Please read the rules clickin' on the Title.

2003-08-30 - Some useful tools. - Posted by: mithris
Some useful tools for GP32 development, including a GDB-stub, PC sampling profiler etc.

2003-05-20 - Drop Blocks - Posted by: Rich
I've finally got round to uploading my Tetris/Columns/Dr Mario All-in-one clone. This is my first release, please be kind!

2003-05-07 - Some games - Posted by: Brian Postma
I've converted some (4) of my Java games to the GP32. The games (including the source code) can be downloaded from my website: (click on the gp32 link).

2003-04-16 - Gp32Frodo Beta 7 - Posted by: Kojote
Mike Dawson updated his port of Frodo for the GP32 again. Details on his page.

2003-04-16 - GPRoar Alpha 2 - Posted by: Kojote
Ciaran Anscomb released the second alpha version of his Dragon 32/64 emulator for the GP32. The changes: GP32 version now features a virtual keyboard and is slightly faster than the last release. Note: You *do* need to find a Dragon ROM and edit it so it's just the ROM and no leading bytes. See the README for details. Next release should have a file requester in so you can select from multiple 'tapes'.

2003-03-16 - Gp32 Frodo Beta 6 - Posted by: Kojote
The Commodore64 emulator for gp32 received a massive update! Worth checking it.

2003-03-16 - Nibbler 2003 (14-3-2003) - Posted by: Kojote
Sack released a nice basic snake game. You can get it from his page.

2003-03-05 - Gp32 Frodo Beta 3 - Posted by: Kojote
New version of gp32 Frodo (C64 emulator port for GP32) is out. Now with sound but still buggy.

2003-02-26 - Sample GP32 lesson - Posted by: gp32workshop
Download a sample lesson from the GP32 Game Programming Workshop. This lesson shows you how to create a simple GP32 application.

2003-02-07 - GP32 RF Module available - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Chris Ma
Gamepark has released the GP32 RF Module. International shipping takes place through

2003-01-28 - Area52 game demo - Posted by: Info
Area52 game demo for GP32 system. This demo is ported from an earlier GBA version to illustrate our cross-platform game engine techonology.

2003-01-27 - Wind-ups Gp32 Desktop website updated - [PHOTO] - Posted by: karthur
Wind-ups Gp32 Desktop website updated:

2003-01-11 - PC Link hack - Posted by: ph0x & FireFly
Got no smc reader/writer? Using PC Link? Tired to have to rename long filenames to be able to upload them? Bugged by the fact you can only upload files with 3 letter extension? If so, get that hacked verson and all your problems will be gone! NOTE: No animals have been hurt during the production.

2002-12-21 - Linux gp32 link tool - Posted by: anonymous
Gplink is a gp32 usb linker tool for linux.

2002-12-21 - MacLink v0.6a - Posted by: Mr.Spiv
MacLink is a PCLink equivalent USB commandline linker tool for your Mac OSX v10.1.x and v10.2.x. All basic commands are supported including FPK archive installation. If you are using the latest OSX v10.2.x then also check the required GP32 BIOS patch.

2002-12-18 - ScummVM port (with sound) - [PHOTO] - Posted by: ph0x
Enjoy this new port and play all your favorite Lucas Arts classics with sound. Based on the latest scummvm.

2002-10-26 - MoviePark Now Available!!! - Posted by: bada
We are happy to inform that MoviePark (GP32 official movie player) can be download from our site for KRW7,000 (abt.U$5.80). Visit and enjoy MoviePark.

Thanks!! bada Entware co.,ltd.(official publisher of MoviePark)

2002-10-11 - Pinball Dreams free demo for GP32 - Posted by: Paul Carter
Download the free demo of Pinball Dreams from the Logik State website. You can also join our mailing list to be kept upto date with information of the release date and where you can purchase the final game.

2002-09-21 - GP32 ADIC 2002 - Amateur Development International Contest - Posted by: robocow
Gamepark is now offering an amateur dev contest. Deadline for Project Submissions - November 5, 2002. This information is given in a pop up box when you visit this page.

2002-09-09 - Snes9xGP v0.2b Released - Posted by: corey
A new version of Snes9xGP was released as v0.2b! Check out the new information and downloads at

2002-09-02 - Gppk v0.0.2 for MacOS - Posted by: corey
One of the few MacOS tools has been updated. The FPK archive unpacker has been updated to version 0.0.2 and is available at the Dead Coders' Society homepage!

2002-08-22 - New Game : - Posted by: cloudree
Hi, We made a Trial version of a new game : Snow White. Check the URL.. Play it and write feelings please.

2002-08-21 - AnderbergWiki GP32 page - Posted by: robert anderberg
This is a gp32 page that's hosted on my wiki pages, this means that anyone (and everyone) can update edit or add to the information as they see fit, this should ensure that it stays up to date :)

2002-08-16 - GP3D - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Dark Fader
A demo of my simple 3D engine thingy...

2002-07-26 - GccTest - Posted by: Dark Fader
Yet another GCC test... but this time it has the smartmedia library and it goes to 16 bit mode without using the BIOS or GamePark SDK.

2002-07-12 - Intelecto GP - Posted by: anonymous
"Here, you will find all of my demos and even tutorials on writing programs for the gp32 using my “hyperlib” (Hy Performance LIBrary for graphics)" Also a tetris clone is available.

2002-07-03 - Clock - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Dark Fader
A real-time-clock test program... ofcourse you'll need to add a backup battery for this :) I'm thinking about adding an alarm. Actually I added some more nice stuff on my site since last post here.

2002-07-01 - B2fxec v0.2b - Posted by: Mr.Spiv
B2fxec is a tool for making compressed FXEs and GXBs that are self decompressing (like UPX on PC). The usage of b2fxec is about identical to b2fxe.

2002-06-09 - PacRom v0.3b - Posted by: anonymous
New features:
- USB Link support (Gamepark compatible, including DarkFaders execute extension)
- File sorting in the file manager (on filename, extension or application name)

2002-05-06 - Gppk v0.0.1 - Posted by: Groepaz/Hitmen
This is a little tool i made so i could copy the contents of a free package to SMC using the 5in1 reader.

2002-04-27 - Afm v1.2 - Posted by: Groepaz/Hitmen
First version of yeat another f***in modplayer is ready :) ... also upped a fixed version of the test:23 demo, the divx etc brr... :]

2002-04-17 - Gp32 sound v0.02 - Posted by: Groepaz/Hitmen
This is a piece of sourcecode that plays a raw pcm-sample without using any additional libraries (SDK). Basically all you need to get started with writing your own soundroutines, the bits about IRQ and DMA might be useful for other purposes aswell.

2002-04-14 - GpTetris v1.0 final + source code - [PHOTO] - Posted by: omsk
GpTetris v1.0 final is released with full source code. You can download binary package and source code package from the link above.

2002-04-14 - Official English GP32 Site running (finally) - Posted by: Bradon Kanyid
Finally, after the new website has been up for a few days, they put up the english section, including the whole SDK and some tools. Go get it now!

2002-04-14 - Gcc3.0.4 + tools for Mac OSX - Posted by: Mr.Spiv
Gcc + b2fxe + other stuff you need to get started developing for GP32 on your Mac OSX.

2002-04-06 - Put Pixel in the 16-bit mode - Posted by: Don_Miguel
Here's a simply 16bit PutPixel function (by some requests) It works in the 16-bit mode. At least you will understand that the display buffer is damn plain Direct link to ZIP (34k) PutPixelSource

2002-04-04 - VGA to GP32 video buffer conversion - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here is some GCC assembly code to ease the porting of PC VGA apps to the GP32. Just render to a memory buffer instead of the VGA screen and then use this routine to copy from the memory buffer to the gp32 final screen buffer.

2002-04-04 - First version of Doom port - Posted by: TomF
First version of a port of Doom to the GP32. No sound or save/load yet, and controls are still a bit awkward.

2002-04-03 - Wolfenstein 3d beta test - Posted by: Matthew D
Go here to get the wolfenstein 3d beta test.

2002-04-03 - Wolf3D Early Beta Test - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Flavor
This is an early beta version of my Wolfenstein 3D port. Test it out and tell me if you find anything wrong. It doesn't have sound, yet, but I hope that's all that I'm missing. (Silly me, I had the URL wrong, but thanks to Matthew D's post I fixed this link.)

2002-04-02 - MyLib (for GCC) - Posted by: Dark Fader
Hi again! Anyone wants to port games uh... you can use MyLib (for GCC & GP library) to have text output (80x40) and file i/o calls. Tested with DevKitAdvance. Also a screenshot of a D1x (Descent) port.

2002-04-01 - B2fxe v1.1 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
* Fixed problem with icon shifted by 1 pixel with -b option. * Halts if options provided after filenames. Here's a windows/linux command line interface app to convert .bin/.gxb/.axf files to .fxe format for viewing by using GamePark's GP Free Launcher.

2002-03-29 - GP32Wolf3D Demo Video - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Flavor
Here's a little teaser video of Wolf3D running on an actual GP32. As you can see, the speed is very playable. Currently, you can not control the game, it just runs through 4 demos.

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